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Favorite Links

Free solar Panels and where to get them!

Real preppers will need solar power.

Real ways to How to get free solar panels , or really cheap solar panels. For the free solar panels check with construction contractors and hwy rental equipment contractors in your area. There are many hwy equipment rental companies. The have lighted message boards and traffic signs with solar panels on them. Most of the panels are 180watt each or larger. Many of these trailer mounted sign boards get damaged constantly. Even if the solar panels still work, if they have even a slight crack, they are replaced. No one wants to get sued for sign failure.

    *1. Find the hwy rental contractor in your area, you may ask how do i do this? When driving the hwys look for trailer mounted sign boards with solar panels on top. The look for a company name or log on the sign. Sample ( ABC HWY equipment rental INC) . Wright down name and phone number.

    *2. Call to get there main yard location address. DO not ask on phone for solar panels, they do not know you and it is easier to say no, than decide if your honest and agree to talk or deal with you then.

    3. Once you get to traffic contractors location, go in and ask for shop manager and meet him. Let him know you are looking for junk or salvage solar panels for a educational project or what ever you have in mind.

Many times they just through the damaged panels away. Once you get a working relationship with shop manager, they will even save them for you. This works, I have does this. The better you are at making friends the better this works. If your not good at making friends, try bringing a friend that is.

To get cheap high grade used solar panels , almost free!
br/> Many contractors who change solar panels out on remote pipe line equipment and other contractors who change solar panels out on Rail Road crossings sometime sell there surplus on www.craigslist.org . Craigslist is a good place to finds these deals, but make sure you get a bill of sale with sellers ID info, to protect you from buying any thing stolen. Use your imagination, there are 100s of uses for solar panels, once you find a use you see in your area, then determined what companies use them, then try to find a contractor that services them. This contractor will be your honey hole for cheap surplus solar panels. Many companies that use remote solar panels, use them for VERY IMPORTANT things, like pipe line psi monitoring, RXR crossings ,river water levels, safety alert equipment, etc. So even the slightest damage of hail or vandalism they will immediately replace them to keep things safe and working. The trick is find the subcontractors who service these panels. Try running a solar panels wanted ad, on craigslist. Just brace yourself for tons of spam email. If this helps you and you would like to help us, please get the word out and post or link up our website www.drillcat.com where you can.

If you decide to buy new solar panels beware of china junk! We have tested name brand solar panels and we have tested cheap china clone junk. These look just as good as name brand panels, but china panels are total junk. The china panels do not make as many watts as early in the morning as name brands like BP or Sharp. Also china junk panels in the late evenings they do not make as much power. So even though you save on panel price, it takes more panels to do the same job. Another problem is most china clone solar panels are sold by small time sellers, most sales are final.

solar powered cabin underconstruction

This remote cabin made it on two 180 watt solar panels and one small air X wind generator . The Battery bank was only four 6 volt golf cart battery's. Later on the battery bank was upgraded to 10, 6 volt battery's. Four battery's worked good if you were very careful. But Now with the larger bank of 10 - 6 volt battery's you can run a chest freezer, fridge,washing machine and lights and water well with no electric bill.

Things not to use in a off grid solar home:
    *Electric heat
    *cloths dryer
    *electric oven
    *electric stove

What to use in a off grid solar home:
    *The best heat for the buck is wood.
    *Propane for stove.
    *Dry cloths on cloths line.
    *Use low watt fridge and freezer.

The main thing for a on off grid solar power cabin is plan, plan , plan. Lots of spray foam insulation, and no large power hog appliances like electric air conditioning or electric heat or stove.. Gas stove or wood stove is best.

solar power trailer solar power trailer

Many missionary and relief groups run generators for power in remote areas. The Problem with generators is, even fuel saving models can cost 1000s in fuel cost. Just a small 10kw- 24 hp gas generator can burn 10 gallons per 12 hours of use. This equals 20 gallons per 24 hours. At 3.00 per gallon, it cost 60.00 per day to have power. After 30 days you spent 1800.00 of fuel, and thats with no break downs. We offer Drillcat Power 1000 Portable Solar and wind kits trailer mounted that can power most of your needs. Never run out of gas and renew each time the sun comes up or the wind blows. Kit includes Solar panels, inverter, charge controller and wind generator. Unlike traditional generators, these solar generators last for decades. Their design is simple: take electricity from the sun, run it through a charge controller and into a large battery bank. Have an inverter pull that power out of the batteries (when needed) and make it available as pure sine wave current. We can custom design a system for your needs. Please email us for details

contact us drillcat@gmail.com

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