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Water Well Drilling Mud Pit Man drilling water well with a deep rock drilling rig

Drilling Rig Rental One of The Best Options for the Average Joe or Prepper family. ---

There are many people wanting to drill there own water wells & geothermal loops on there own land or on land they have leased. In all 50 states is legal to drill on your own land, or land you have leased. . There are some exceptions, like certain water districts, and water authority areas, and city limits of certain city's. Please check your local laws and permit requirement's, and your water rights. With the Average Water Well cost of 12k to 15k each, Rig rental is a real Option with Promise and reality.

Making money renting your very on drilling rig

We do have customers who have bought drilling rigs to make extra cash after they have drilled there own water wells by doing Rig rentals. Rig rental is very good Cash income for many family's who don't mind working.

Just do the math, a $100,000.00 home only rents for 650 bucks per month, yet a $10,000.00 Deeprock® M-50 Stealth Prepper will rent for 650.00 per DAY, 3 day minim and only 1 job per month is 3 times better investment. People are getting there investment back in days, not in years, like a 30 year mortgage.

They rent these drill rigs out for 650.00 per day, 3 day minim plus 1.25 per one way mile for delivery. Every state does not have a rental rig. If you would like to be a ( rig rental dealer in your state) , or you may consider buying a quality drilling rig from us to rent out to others who need water in your area. Let us know.

The best drilling rig for getting into tight places and small yards and remote areas is The deeprock® Stealth Prepper M-50. You need small, simple, and easy to run drill with Power and easy to use options Tool joint Drill pipe.

If you have a Good little drilling rig you would like to rent to other people and land owners, let us know, we can help you connect with others in your area.

If your water is shallow and easy drilling, we have several small Deeprock® HD77 & HD 55 drilling rigs with swivel upgrades that will work. Prices on these start around $5,500.00 depending on options and bits.

( LAND OWNERS OPTIONS for getting a Water Well )

1. Call driller out of yellow pages and get Gold nugget price quote only after waiting days and weeks for call back, with the only guarantee you get from them is they promise to cash the check before the sun goes down. In all 50 states, by law no driller is required to hit water or guarantee water, or quality of water.

2. Buy a cheap china toy Hydra - turd rig off ebay, these will not hold up, and will only do the job if you have water at 150ft or less and no rock or hard dirt.

3. Buy or rent a water well drilling rig, one with API standard swivel ( not toy swivel) and pipe options and real drill pipe. If you only need one well, this may not be a good option to buy, but rental may have a place.

4. Buy a reasonably priced deeprock® HD 55 or HD 77 or M-50. Deeprock® has been around forever. After you finish your well, you can sell or rent out to others.

5.The Deeprock® Stealth Prepper M-50 is more money, but can be used to drill every day. This would be a great way to make extra money or start a new business.

6. If you decide to do a rig rental, the rig rental is 650 per day, 3 day minim plus mileage, ( could run $3,500.00 or more) so if you need to drill more than 4 days, you consider just buying a drill rig. Then if you own your own drill, you can take you time, no hurry to drill, then you can still sell unit or rent it out to others when your done.

Best Bang for the buck is the Deeprock® M-50 Stealth Prepper Drill package for 300ft or less.

Here is the Link http://www.deeprock.com/news/Article.aspx?AI=12

Renting a drilling rig is a great option for land owners or people who have land leased. For Rig rental you must be the land owner or lease holder of land. Drilling your own water well is not for everyone, but if you don't mind working hard and saving 80% of the cost of a water well, then renting may be for you. Also please check local laws and code for drilling your own well. Every county and state have different requirements. People who are thinking of buying drilling equipment, but are not sure what is involved in drilling ,rental is a good money saving option.

We do not offer any rigs for rental ourselves, but we do have customers who do offer this service. Rig rentals are available for some of the lower 48 states. I hope this info has been a help to you. If you have a drill for sale or rent, email us.

contact us drillcat@gmail.com

M-50 Stealth Prepper