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Drillcat M-60 Water Well drilling rig

Outlaw Survival Well

People who drill there own personal water wells in remote locations sometimes refer to there water well as a outlaw well for survival.

Preppers who want water in remote secret places for later use, also could be caled a outlaw water well.

Preppers know bottled water will only last so long. Having a way to drill there own secret water well in many places is the only way to be completely prepared. What some people used to call nut jobs are now called Preppers. Water is life, no water no life. In a completely unprepared world, portable drillcat technoolgy is where it is at. Free hands on drill training and the right rig for the right job, turning fear to solid security.

Keeping your family safe with unlimited supply of water is a smart investment for anyone.

Out law wells are just a water well that is not permitted and are not on the books at the county court house or state aqua- map. Some water wells now being permitted are even registered on a GPS. With many new regulations many people are reverting to drilling outlaw wells. It used to be just survival nut jobs doing this, but now local farmers, family's and religious groups are even looking to drill under trees, in the woods and I even had one guy tell he drilled a water well in his basement with 3 ft drill pipe.

Water wells that are permitted, are wells that can be taken away at a later date. Remember, a well permit is permission to use a water well only as long as permit giver agrees to let you use it. Water permits are not forever. A permit can be revoked or rescinded when deemed necessary by agency that issues permit.

With satellite images now like google earth, some people are drilling where it can not be seen by air. People everywhere realize water is more than important. If Hard times come, you can have all the Y2K beans and rice stash you want, but you still need water to live.

Remember, even though you live the USA, and own your land, Depending on the state and county regulations, you may have to ask permission to drill for your own water, or even catch rain water from your roof. One of the bad things about getting a drilling permit, is if you do not hit water and have to move over and drill again. You will need a new drill permit for every hole you drill. Holes that are dry and have no water, may require to be plugged ( additional cost ) and you may need a well plug permit also. All the permit laws are for water safety they say. Most water wells are 100 to 300 ft. Even though in all 50 states you can drill 15,000 ft deep ( 3 miles) oil well through 100s of aquifer formations without anyone having a well drilling licence. But to drill a water well 100ft well in all 50 states require a drilling licence. All goes to show you the Golden Rule. He with all the Gold rules!

Off grid water is the safest water to have.

In the old days, the only off grid water was a wind mill or spring, or old hand dug well. The best bang for your buck is solar well. even a cheap sure flow solar pump will do 2100 gallons per day. And if you have a elevated water tank, you even have water at night.

Windmill for water is old school. Windmills are great to look at, but cost 3 to 4 times more than a solar set up. Also several times a year, someone must risk there life and climb the tower to add oil to gearbox 35ft in the air or more. Another set back is in high winds, the windmill tail turns out of the wind to avoid damage, so in windy times of the year, you have to check daily and climb up and reset tail for windmill to pump again.

Hand pumps

Hand pumps are great for shallow wells. there are many plans on the Internet to make your own, or some people use a cheap china hand pump, with foot valve on bottom, to keep well in prime.

DIY drilling rigs

Small cheaper to rigs will work, but only in soft sand and clay. If you have rock, or even hard clay, you may need a upgrade to better portable drilling rig. Bottom line. The deeper you drill, the better rig it takes, which equals more money. very simple math.

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