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How to Get a water Well Drilling License in your State

All states Have different requirements, Please check your local rules and laws. California and Texas are the hardest states to get a drilling license in, that may be why water well prices in these states are 3 times the national average. California and Texas have the highest water well cost . In the state of California i have heard of water well prices charging 100.00 per ft to drill. That means they own you 1000.00 every 10ft drill pipe you put down. But in Florida water wells are as cheap as 1800.00, but they have millions and millions of illegal aliens who work cheap there, and water is shallow. They start out working for large companies, then 2 weeks later they get a 20.00 magnet sign and they are in business against the other guy.

Some states have what is called a water well apprenticeship program. This can work, but is tricky and takes 2 or more years to complete. This will only work if you have 2 or more years to work for minuim wage under another driller who is willing to sponsor you. But if after the 2 year sponsorship they decide not to sponsor you , by not signing, Your Toast. I have known people who worked for 5 bucks a hour for 2 years to get a promised license.

Then after 2 years when time to sign comes up, the sponsor changed there mind, and there is noting you can do but cry and kick the Dog. The best way to get your drilling license in a state that is easier with less overhead, then transfer your license to the state you want. The main deal is get one in any state you can first. Once you have one, then you can transfer to any one you want. The trick is getting the first one. Remember what ever state your in, no one wants you to have a drilling license.

The Texas Trick Shot

In texas before you can get a water well drilling license you MUST COMPLETE atleast #10 WATER WELLS. The trick shot is, a legal water well by law can be any depth and even if well even if water well is dry hole and makes no water, it is still a legal well under texas law.

Drilling the 10 shallow dry wells takes 10% of the time and cheap to do, also all 10 wells can be done in one day before 12 noon, instead of taking months or years to complete.

SO if you drill 10 holes 30ft deep on same land and set casing on all 10 wells. you could legally drill 10 wells in one day, and have the 10 legal wells driller to fulfill texas law. Make sure all 10 wells are up to code , on the right well casing, legal amount of feet from property lines and away from septic lines. See texas well law for current codes and rules.

here is texas link for rules -- http://www.tdlr.state.tx.us/wwd/wwdlaw.htm

Maybe this explains why water well prices double every 3 years. Even if you have all your ducks in a row, you will have to press the mater and know your rights when applying. Do not expect government workers to care or be helpful or know the rules or laws concerning this. Be well read and versed on all laws and requirements, so your in the drivers seat.

Some states like i said are better than others. Kansas and nebraska are the easiest to get one in. Even though you do not live there , you still can get a license as non resident, just pay extra fee. It will not be a cake walk, stay firm and know your rights and water well requirements.

Remember how hard it is to get a water well drilling license, but NO DRILLING LICENSE IS REQUIRE TO DRILL OIL WELLS, even though oil wells are 3 miles deep. The golden rule, He with all the Gold rules. In texas there are only 1600 licensed water well drillers, but millions of land owners. This may be why is cost 15,000.00 for a home water well , and some drillers who can't hardly read and write, but make more more money than most Doctors with 250k education.

This is the only place on the web with real answers on this subject. Thanks for helping us help others.

Contact us at drillcat@gmail.com

contact us drillcat@gmail.com

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