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Outlaw Wells
Government Control of your wells
How to ruin a water well
What bits do I need to use?
Hand Dug wells
Safe Drinking Water
City water or Well water
Water bills is Sky high
Cheap way to heat hot water
Free solar panels
Drilling though rock
Where to build a pond and keeping it clean
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Shallow DIY drive point water well
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Starting a Water well drilling cooperative
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Our Goal is to help people world wide.Small or large Water releif groups.

We offer for free of charge to valid non profit groups the following.

Consulting on what equipment is needed to do a effective job

Newly starting out , some well meaning groups want to help many poor people, but without proper guidance, they can be sold junk, Toy rigs, or sub standard water well drilling equipment not able to finish the job. If equipment is near. We have Rig and diesel mechanics who can inspect before you buy.

Hands on training

We offer hands on training .. The best thing about training, is once this is complete you know what is needed to do the job, and have a confidence to finish your project.

Free Equipment location service. We work with many companies world wide, and have many trusted contacts here and abroad. We also are trained in drilling ourselves and have diesel techs on site, so we can help you get what you need. We want you get what you need, not what someone wants to sell you or makes a larger commission on. We can refer you to trusted rig manufactures and dealers who sell only first class equipment, not china junk. We also have some refurbished drilling rigs ( click here) Free Drilling equipment inspections. We offer free inspections on equipment on its worthiness to operate and drill. We have diesel & drilling experts to help you through this. If equipment is near we can inspect in person. Equipment afar, we can walk you though what to look for when inspecting yourself.

Help on shipping options

Planing on shipping is very important. We have saved people 1000s on shipping in the past. For example, did you know when shipping to Africa a 20ft shipping container is around 3800.00, but for a larger 40ft shipping container to same place is only 1200.00 more. So if you have more to ship, this would be a blessing. Another tip is ship equipment without battery's. If battery's are left on equipment, US customs requires 500.00 Hazmat paper work to include with each battery. Cheaper solution is buy battery for 50 bucks when you get there. Also which US port you ship out of matters. Let us help you on your shipping plans. Money saved equals money that can be used to buy more supplies. We have a trusted shippers list, that we have used and who are training to help you.

Helping you connect with others who wish to partner up. We have other smaller groups who would like to team up with others . If enough smaller groups pool there resources, talent and Goals, together everyone wins. We would be glad to connect you together.

Solar panels and solar water pumping equipment. Many non profit groups Have found out about the great use of solar power and solar water pumps. Unfortunately there are many companies selling cheap china junk solar panels and solar water pumps. These substandard panels produce only 1/2 on the watts the higher quality USA made panels do. Let us help you find quality equipment that will last for years and years. Do not be fooled by cheap china junk panels. Some are even unfortunately disguised to look like name brands. We have tested many cheap panels, they are junk, please do not be fooled. If it sounds to good to be true, it is. We have trusted solar and wind vendors who you can buy directly from. Only quality USA made equipment. Say no to china junk.

Complete Solar & wind set up's Replace old Fuel guzzling generators.

We have built and tested many solar and wind power set ups over the years. After spending 1000s on research and trial and error we can help you not make the same mistake others have. Many times we can help you build a wind or solar power kit that will be better and much cheaper to operate than the old style fuel guzzling generators. Let us know what your power needs are, and how portable you need it. We can help you design the most practical system , yet powerful and no low cost. Economy Power wind and solar units can be bought for less than the fuel for older gas powered gensets. Detroit power is good and cheap.

To contact us please email us at Drillcat@gmail.com

contact us drillcat@gmail.com

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