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A hand dug water well is the cheapest way to do it. Problem is here in the USA, not easy to find anyone wanting to work this hard. In the old days 1000s of these were dug, many still producing water today. In 3rd world country they still dig many of these.

This is not easy or safe to do. Be sure if you decide to dig one, study up on this, and apply the right safety program.

I see many of these older hand dug wells now still working, of course they installed electric pumps in them making it easier to use. If the water is 26ft or less from the top of the ground a simple suction pump will work. If static water level is deeper than 26ft,it will take a submerge able pump or jet pump set up.

When looking at a hand dug well, think what labor it took to do these. Many times people used there children to dig these wells, because they were small enough to fit inside well, and light enough to hoist up and down. The only bright side of being deep in a well digging it was, it was cool down there. If you would like info on how to build your own water well drilling rig or plans book, please click here.

hand dug water well

Hand dug wells, hard work and dangerous

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