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Sky high water bills

In The old days, city or municipal water bills were flat rate or so cheap, you never cared. Now days these companies and water municipality's see the power they have, and use there power for profits. In the early 80s many water municipality's would set you a cheap water meter for 100.00 dollars or less for meter hook ups. Now prices range for a water meter installation from $5,000.00 to $15,000.00 just for the privlage to pay a water bill every month.

After you get the meter, this is only putting water at the front of your land acccess near the road or water easment , it does not include waterline run to you house or other parts of your land. Also when getting a water meter in most cases you MUST sign there agreement. In some cases you can not use your old water well , and must relinquish you water well to them.

The US government sets new rules, and regulations every year for water companies, this drives water cost up, and up. In the near future water bills may be as high as light bills. Just saw a older water system getting new water tower. I ask them why the new tower. They said the cost of new tower was 1 million dollars, they did not want the extra tower, but goverment code required it. Now they must pass the upgrade to customers. This will easliy add 30 tp 40% to everyones already high water bill. People in high places make these rules and have no idea what happens later on down the road.

In 1980 the average water bill per house hold was 7.00 per month minim. Todays monthly minim water bill average is 60.00. If you can't drill your own water well or afford to have a water well drilled, you may try to cut back on water use. If you can drill your own water well and get off of the city water, you better off. Whether or not you find a nice little deeprock® M-60 or Drillcat GS 400 drill to do the job is up to you. Most DIY drillers can pay for the drilling rig in 1 to 3 jobs, and then they have there investment back. If you have freinds or others who can pool there funds, you could partner up on a drill.

Showers instead of baths, Buy water saving side load spin washing machines,water yard and garden at night, Add rain water harvesting from roof for outdoor water use are just a few things you can do. Some places in the country they use gray water ( water from sink or washing machine) for watering there plans and yard. Water leaks are more than 70% of sky high water bill problems. Toilets and leaking sinks are on top of list. The thing about a leak, no one ever wants to fix them their self, and plumbers charge 150.00 per hour. This is a easy fix for DIY home owner, but always the last thing on the list. This is where a nagging wife can help get you motivated and save you money.

In some cases you can have a defective water meter. It is rare, but some older water companies still use substandard water meters that are to there advantage. If you do not get cooperation from your water company on changing your meter to a newer meter that has been calibrated correctly. Your next option will be to report your locale water company to your public water commission. If you do this, make sure to take notes and names of all the correspondence with the company your dealing with.

Best and cheapest water is your own water from your own water well, even though you pay the electric bill, average water price is only about 7 cents per 1,000 gallons, with your buying the electricity at current electric prices.

One Great option is Drill a water well yourself. Many people are drilling there own safe water well for all the water they wil ever need.

Drilling your own water well can be done with a Portable drilling rig you rent, or one you buy.

Cheaper line portable water well drilling rigs prices start at 5000.00 to 11,000.00

Here is the direct rig link -- http://www.deeprock.com/news/Article.aspx?AI=12

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