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M-60 Water well Drilling Rig

Low end water well drilling rigs ( For people with limited budgets)

These rigs are lower priced, but are still good machines, that are ready to drill. We pride ourselves on handling 1st class quality equipment. Infact equipment that is not quality, we upgrade or replace parts until it is, so that everything we sell is something that we would use ourselves. All swivels are PSI rated and also Fully machined with chevron seals.

Cable tool drilling rigs


Speedstar 71 6500.00 1000ft rated. ( Email for more info)

one Speedstar 71 cable tool drilling rig. The speedstar 71 is a 1000ft rated drilling rig. Where can you get a drilling rig rated for 1000ft that will drill hard rock for this price. Do your homework, speedstar 71 is first class set up.

*The Good:

Its speedstar 71, is same class is Bucyrus 22w, but better. Includes lots of tooling and bits, and wrenches. Comes with 6" bit and 6" inch bailer. also includes other bit sizes. The harder the formation the better the cable tool works.

Cable tool rig will let you know when you hit water, unlike rotary mud rigs. When bailer comes up with water in it, you know you hit water.

Cable tool rigs do not need ! 250.00 polymer, no gas guzzling water truck needed, no air compressor needed, no need to set costly casing until you see you hit water. No 200.00 per joint drill pipe needed. This rig would be great for farmer, rancher or anyone needing a water well, and does not want to spend 20,000 for dry hole from drilling contractor.

Cable tool also can let you set casing as you drill if you want. and cable tool rig also is capably of being used as a pulling unit to service new or old water wells and setting pumps or cleaning out old water wells.

Speedstar 71 is sold as is, and will need TLC. Before you can drill with this Rig.. You will need, new paint job, some new cable, new battery and gas tank cleaned. gears and bearings seem to be in good shape, and mast is good too. No new rig, but not 40k either. Where else can you get a 1000ft rated hard rock rig for this price.

*The BAD:

Rig is good, Truck is not very good, you can mount rig on trailer or on another truck. Even though rig is complete and includes bits and tooling, it will need some work, like cables replaced, International 4 cy engine will need tune up and fuel tank cleaned, and some belts may need replaced. A speedstar 71 in great condition that needs no work sells for 50k and up. You are basically buying rig and truck is free. If you have basic mechanic skills this would work for you.


Deep Rock® M-60

This M-60 has upgrades! The M-60 has many up grades in addition to the 12ft stroke 10 ft CA-21 drill pipe, the XP-7 DrillCat swivel and High Boy axles for rough remote access. Price -- 19,150.00

Deeprock® Supper 55

100ft of pipe and some bits.These units will only drill in perfect and soft formations, if you have rock, forget it. This is what i call a toy rig. Also very labor intensive. Gear box only turns one way, so all pipe connections are manual. It will drill, but plan on lots of sweat and calluses on your hands. Not trying to scare anyone, but still want to be freinds after you buy it.Very good shape. Price---- $3900.00

Deeprock® Ram 10 drilling Rig Trailer mounted ( A+ for a 1st time buyer)

This is what i call the best bang for the buck. The rule of thumbs is the deeper you drill the more money it takes, because the deeper you drill the better equipment it takes- which equals more money. The the Ram 10 is the most simple design, air cooled diesel,mean no belts to break. No radiator to leak, no water pump to go out. Heavy mast holds pipe to 400ft easy, and no problems. With upgrade swivel it has the flow and speed to make money drilling. This Rig is no frills, mounted on tandum axle trailer, but will drill 400ft and do it every day. Comes with 100ft of drill pipe, 2 carbide drag bits, and sub adapters. This would be a great started rig, Simple, cheap, capable, and easy to operate. 1 yr warranty. Price - $23,820.00* will not last long *

Deeprock® M-50

Older manual machine and looks ugly, but will drill good.Comes complete with 100ft of pipe, bits, sub and water pump. Engine has been upgraded to Diesel and swivel is drillcat up graded. The stock deeprock® swivel was too small, and no weight rating, and poor flow. Price-- 12,160.00

Ram -10

This is a older deeprock® rig ,And a good one. These were built more simple, before deeprock® went over board on over engineering things and prices went through the roof. We upgraded the swivel and drill pipe, and it has new engine. Comes with some pipe, bits and hoses. very good machine for starting out, but heavy enough to drill daliy -- Price -- 24,230.00

Simco SK-1 2400

Skid mounted with a air cooled diesel engine. Good machine and will fit on truck or flat bed trailer. WWill auger drill to 65 ft with 3 1/2" auger. All new hydraulic hoses and new gear box. Soild rig, will not let you down.rig only . Augers available . Price --- $21,700.00

Simco 2400

trailer mounted on 7k axle with air cooled diesel engine. Mast has been upgraded and extended for longer auger or pipe. Comes with cat head winch. Price --- $18,950.00

Tractor mounted GS 420

3 point hitch hydraulic drilling rig. Rig is rated for 400ft. Includes 210ft of drill pipe. Swivel is rated for 500ft. Any tractor with 3 point hitch and hydraulic quick connects will operate drilling rig. Only 350 hours, very good condition. Easy to operate. Price --- $17,670.00

Tractor mounted Mini GS 250

This rig works great on smaller tractors 40hp and less. Rated for 250 ft, includes . Works good in remote area's and places a tractor can only get. Fits any tractor with 3 point hitch and hydraulic connections. Only 120 hours, like new. Price --- $11,215.00

CME drilling rig

has Powerdown direct push-- email for price?

Geoprobe 420M

is a hydraulic powered direct push machine. It has a 42" (1,066 mm) stroke. This machine has been built to fit in to tight places with a width of only 22" (559mm) and an overall working height of less than 87" (2210mm). It weighs approximately 428 lbs so that it can be manually lifted and carried to remote sampling locations. The 420M can also be deployed to hard to reach and narrow locations by means of rolling pneumatic tiresand. Is powered by a remote .-- email for price?

Geoprobe Skid steer mounted The Geoprobe 540 B

is in good working condition. Can be attached to skid-steer for those hard to reach projects. Price --- $15,000.00

Skid steer GS 350 Geothermal drilling rig

Rig is made to fit all standard Skid steer loaders. Comes complete with 200ft of drill pipe and tooling. Any skid steer 40hp or larger will operate it. Hydraulic power down for drilling hard or rocky ground. Forward and reverse hydraulic breakout. Rig is rated for 350ft and has only 900 hours on it. Price --- $17,485.00

Geotech 400

has 300ft of drill pipe, diesel powered and mounted on 4x4 ford truck. Price-- $27,000.00

Tractor mounted GS 420

is a 3 point hitch hydraulic drilling rig. Rig is rated for 400ft. Includes 210ft of drill pipe. Swivel is rated for 500ft. Any tractor with 3 point hitch and hydraulic quick connects will operate drilling rig. Only 350 hours, very good condition. Easy to operate. Price --- $17,670.00

Tractor mounted GS 350

This rig works great on smaller tractors 40hp and less. Rated for 350 ft, includes 150ft of drill pipe and drill collars. Works good in remote area's and places a tractor can only get. Fits any tractor with 3 point hitch and hydraulic connections. Only 120 hours, like new. 1 yr warranty Price --- $12,960.00

Meduim priced rigs

Simco 2800

is truck mounted with 300ft of drill pipe and tooling. Like new with low hours. truck is ford f700 with diesel engine. Deck engine for rig is lister diesel. Price --- $59,000.00


Trailer mounted is rated for 400ft . It includes 300ft of drill pipe., some bits, a mud pump, Hoses and sub adapters. Swivel upgrade and mast upgrade. Will drill hard rock or soft formations. If your looking to drill for money, this will get you in and off the job fast. ready to mount on your truck.1 yr warranty Price $67,000.00

Ingersoll Rand portable drilling rig

Is rated for Rock drilling to 400ft. 10ft pipe, air or rotarty mud. Good machine, but parts are high. Would not recomend for beginner just starting out. Better for larger company with great parts and service maintenance department. Work ready. Price -- $42,000.00

GS -700 AC

The GS 700 Ac will drill hard rock and drill deep. Mast is over rated and can easily handle drill string weight without balking. Comes with drill string weight gauges, water flow psi gauage, and easy breakout, pipe trip. Will turn up to 8 inch bit. To drill 700ft, it takes a real mud pump. This rig has it. Drillcat 118@ 550 gpm output and 200psi. Engine is detroit 115 hp. Simple to operate, slow, but strong. Would be great for rancher, farmer or missionary who does not need speed, but value. 500ft of drill pipe and is diesel powered. 1 yr warranty --Price - $39,832.00


350ft rated, air cooled Diesel,self propelled geothermal drilling rig. Gets in tight places, power down for rock drilling and fits in back yards easy. For geothermal in small city areas where large trucks can't get, this is it. Would be good to add to your geothermal fleet, so you can service not only large areas, but small town house, track homes, and small city lots. price -- $25,000.00

Skid steer MX 500 drilling rig

great for geothermal.High speed swivel for geothermal drilling, includes mud pump, hoses and set of 4 bits. Comes with 250ft of drill pipe. Low hours, like new. price --- 21,520.00

BullRock XL6

Drilling rig , rated for 600 ft and includes 600ft of 2 7/8" drill pipe. Set up to run on Air or rotary mud. Includes bits, DTH hammer and tools. 3 cylinder diesel engine power. Skid mounted, or can mount on truck of your choice. Price -- 48,620.00

Special Rigs Dam drill MD450

for drilling and grouting around dams, overflows and other areas where grout sealing is done. Complete Drill with all tooling, drill pipe, DTH hammer,grout pump all on portable trailer unit. Will drill soft sand and clay, or solid cement. Price-- 34,250.00

used grout pump

for geothermal drilling . Drillcat Geopump for grout, heavy grout or cement. Mixes,and pumps with hoses. Price -- $8,500.00

Grout master D-9

Double grout mixer and pump. For high volume grout jobs. Trailer mounted on 18ft trailer, hold 2 pallets of grout, grout mixer and pump and tooling. Price - $16,700.00

Mini grout pump MG22

with hopper. Economy grout machine. USA made pump and hydraulic powwered, can be used off skidsteer or tractor with remote hydraulics. Great started grout pump or for low budgets, will work hard for you. Price -- $3,850.00 ( new)

Geo grout master D-6

Fast grouting with slim line setup. diesel powered, fits on its own steel pallet. Can haul in back of pickup or put on drilling rig. Price -- $9,600.00

Drillcat Geo3 Grout pump only

This is high volume grout pump, you add your own power. Pump only. Price -- $21,035.00

Forager-55/1250 Cable tool rig

Trailer mounted. portable. These are slow, but cheap to run, and great for sand point wells also, and drive point wells. many things you can do with these unit. These are refurbished and ready to go. Price -- $16,350.00

Bucyrus erie 22 w rig only, no truck.

Needs work, as is price-- $9,500.00

Ausie 12K cable tool drill

rated for 400ft. Trailer mounted, new diesel engine. Price -- $9,100.00

Wheeler Super d cable tool rig

good unit for farm or ranch. some tooling. new diesel engine. price -- $11,500.00

Spring master L-9 Smaller cable tool rig

good for 300ft or less. simple to operate, come ready to go. Price -- $14,350.00

Bucyrus Erie, 60L, 36L, 29T, 28L, 24L, 22W, 20W available. Speedstar 240, 72, 71, 55 also. HIGHER priced rigs On these higher end drills, if you want us to inspect for you before you commit, please contact us. The inspection costs is much cheaper than any repairs. If one needs repairs we let you know. We are qualified to inspect. A low ball deal, is not so good , if you have 1000s in repairs later. Our full inspections start at 400.00, depending on where equipment is located.


900 hours, 1250/350 HR 2.5 air compressor, 50,000# pullback, Cummins deck engine, spur gear rotary head.Bean water injection, DHD lubricator, mounted on Crane Carrier , complete with 400’ of drill pipe, 6" hammer and bit, well maintained, good condition Price: $490,000

INGERSOLL RAND T2W 3 x 4 Magnum centrifugal mud pump

12,000# hydraulic powered main hoist, hydraulic swing and extend for main hoist, dual hoist and jib controlsoutside carousel holds 9 3-1/2 x 20’ drill rods, pipe rack, 9 gpm water injection, 3L4 Moyno pump hydraulic driven, mounted on mack, complete & ready to go Price: $215,000


track mounted with Cat 3406 engine, Sulliar 900/350 air compressor. 6000hrs. PRICE: $310,000


2600 hours, 1070/350 air compressor, Cat C15 (560 hp) deck engine, compressor disconnect box, two speed high torque head, 34.5’ derrick, 18,000# drawworks, , 8 gal oiler,mud pump, mounted on Mack. Price: $410,000


90,000# pullback, long mast runs range 3, Detroit 8V72 on deck, mounted on Crane Carrier with Detroit 8V71 engine. , Esco 14 x 7-1/4 duplex mud pump, rig operated hydraulic pipe trailer with 2000’ of 3-1/2" drill pipe, collars, mud tank with BOP manifold cabinet, linear shaker, frac tank. Price: $489,000

Water tanks & water trucks 2002 FREIGHTLINER TANDEM AXLE WATER TRUCK 4000 gal round tank

425 hp Cummins engine

with welder/genset Price: $64,000

2002 STERLING WATER TRUCK 2000 gallon round tank

welder, winch Price: $41,000.00

2001 FORD 750 WATER TRUCK 1800 gallon plastic tank

20’ van body Price: $20,000

1998 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK 1400 gallon tank

single axle, flat bed Price: $27,000

2001 KENWORTH T800 WATER TRUCK 1100 gallon flatbed

Detroit diseel engine, 10 speed transmission Price - $33,000

2000 STERLING 2000 WATER TRUCK 1800 gallon flat tank

200 gallon fuel tank with transfer pump, (2) stand up toolboxes, (2) under bed toolboxes, 21’ flat bed, Cat engine, great running condition Price: $55,000

Steel 2000 gallon tank (only)

-- price: $4500.00

Steel 4000 gallon tank (only)

-- price: $5800.00

If you have your own truck, we do mount water tanks, steel or plasic. Email us for price..

Drill pipe for sale

1650 ft Mayhew Jr 2 3/8" drill pipe @ $191.00 ea10ft long

Heat treated tool joints, USA oil field grade pipe

Tool joints Machined to fit pipe, Then Double welded A1 quality. 10ft long each ---- $205.00 each 3150 feet of 3 1/2"

30 ft lengths. 800 ft Mayhew Jr 2 3/8" drill pipe

Heat treated tool joints, USA oil field grade pipe. Tool joints Machined to fit pipe, Then Double welded A1 quality. 15ft long each ----
20ft lengths 500 ft of 1 1/2" CA 21 drill pipe

10ft lengths $177.00 each 300ft of CA 21 1 1/2" drill pipe

5ft lengths $165.00 each Used 2500 ft of 2 3/8" oil field EUE Pup joints

10ft lengths -- $95.00 each

15ft lengths -- $140.00 each

20ft lengths -- $160.00 each

4 Inch DTH hammer

-- $2,650.00 with bit 6 inch DTH hammer

$3,850.00 Foam injection pump

gas powered and portable. price -- $2205.00

Diesel gen sets

20 kw diesel genset

detroit diesel, on skid with radiator and fuel tank. These are loud, but never break down, very sound investment, easy to maintain and cheap parts. --- $5900.00

30 kw diesel genset

newer unit with cummins 4bt diesel engine, auto Idle and 3 phase power or single. Like new, only 50 hours --- $9850.00

Caterpillar 100kw

power unit. Older unit, but very well built. The older units have better copper windings and will to 100kw all day long with hardly any effort. Price -- $12,800.00

Solar pumps kit

Grunfos pump

2- 180 watt sharp solar panels, Charge controler box, panel mount, down hole wire and mounts. Everything you need for solar well install. -- 3950.00 Smaller surflow pump kit. For lower gpm out put. 2 gpm tops. Complete kit -- $2,100.00

Bullrock XL9 Rock drill

-- Rated for 1000 ft, includes 800 ft of 2 7/8" drill pipe, 2 DTH hammers, bits and tools.4 cylinder diesel power, mounted on Heavy Goose neck trailer. Will drill air or rotary mud. Price -- $78,500.00

Mining rigs for mineral exploration and coring

MX D-6 Coring rig

This unit can be broken down for packing in or flying in to remote location. Has high speed head for coring and set up nice. RIG ONLY, TOOLING AND DRILL PIPE EXTRA. Diesel power and easy to operate. Only takes 8 1/2 oz of gold to pay for it. this is a great unit for gold or mineral exploration. Price --- $15,820.00

Gold Sluice set up

This is a very well make unit.Simple, but still loaded for bear. made of steel construction, to hold up to daily use. Trays are made to catch nuggets and dust both. Includes Diesel PCI high flow pump and drillcat High yeild suction, with feelers. Unit dismantles to pack to remote locations. Price --- $3,640.00

Foundation auger rig

Portable,diesel power, 5ft augers. Price -- $7,500.00

Telex derrick digger

power head mounted on portable trailer unit. trailer has 14k axles . Price -- $32,120.00

Speed auger GX-9

this unit has 0 to 250 rpms, will handle augers from 3" to 16". Diesel powered. Mounted on skid. can mount to your truck or trailer mount for you. price -- $41,347.00

Mini Drill D-3

This is total portable unit. Trailer rmounted, but trailer is self propelled with lock out hubs for hwy traveling. Fits between house gates and gets in very tight areas, without damage to area. Price -- $31,350.00

Diesel powered Air compressors

600 cfm - used low hours on wheels. price -- $12,500.00

750 cfm used detroit diesel. Price --- $9100.00

900 cfm used diesel powered, cummins. price -- $14,500.00

1250 cfm, used low hours. detroit diesel. price: $15,180.00

1600 cfm diesel powered. price -- $27,400.00

contact us drillcat@gmail.com