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!!Hydra Jett Boremaster Hydrafab Tim king Alert!!


After they cash your check, they do not answer calls. they have a big screen TV for caller I.D. Boremaster Tim king Hydrafab Hydra Jett


ebay seller got burned, Hydra Jett changes ebay user name to hide bad feedback


Hydra Jett buyers Boremaster Tim King Hydrafab tells real story of Hydra Jett Bormaster china junk


Hydra Jett Boremaster junk Swivel leaks on 1st test hole


Hydra Jett rip off report boremaster Tim King Hydrafab


Hydra Jett Boremaster Tim King Hydrafab has 13 BBB reports in less than 1 year. With many more pending


Ebay buyers gets jipped by Hydra Jett Bormeaster Tim King


Hydra Jett rig breaks down , and No help


76 yr oldman gets burnt


This is what happens to you with you hit hard dirt with Hydra jett boremaster cheap soft steel swivel at 40 psi . TOY swivel = Toy Rig

Hydra-Jet Leaky Substandard Swivel

A REAL Hydra Jet Customer Experience


On Oct 8, 2012, at 10:22 AM, "xxx" wrote:

    Good morning.

    I have a Hydra-fag hydraulic drill rig with only 40 hours total time in use, and a catastrophically-failed water swivel. (The quill shaft sheared like a tootsie roll while drilling in packed sand and clay.)

    So far the manufacturer’s response rate to my inquiries post-purchase has been total silence. So, I’m thinking that the only practical solution is to upgrade to a better swivel. I’m very interested to learn what product you may have available that I can adapt for use on my rig.

      Thank you in advance!





From: xxx xxxxxx
Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 9:46 AM
Subject: RE: Urgently Need a Water Swivel to Repair New (broken) Hydra-Fab Hydraulic Drill Rig To: Drillcat

Here are progressive photos of the swivel tear-down.

The first photo shows the swivel after removal of the hydraulic motor; the top end of the shaft is missing, having sheared off just below the shaft collar which is the only thing that keeps the shaft from pulling out from the bottom of the swivel housing. I can’t help but wonder if having all of the axial load of the drill string hanging on the two set screws of that top shaft collar contributed to the sudden shearing of the shaft.

The second photo shows the shaft protruding from the top of the swivel after removal of the top pillow block. The packing appears to of a basic hemp-rope variety – nothing fancy (Hydrafab’s marketing materials described a proprietary, patent-pending packing).

Photo three shows the shaft immediately after removal from the swivel housing. It appears to be mild bar stock rather than any particular grade of tool steel. Notice the severe galling where the shaft was in contact with the upper and lower packing. In those two areas the shaft bore has already lost about 1/8” of its diameter. This is amazing considering that the swivel has less than 40 hours total time since new a week earlier, and considering that we checked and adjusted the packing (per Hydrafab’s instructions) every two hours, and greased the zerks every hour. Despite this maintenance attention the swivel leaked constantly. Notice also that there appears to be considerable pitting in the shaft between the two packing points. I’m at a loss to understand how the part could gotten into such condition while sealed inside the swivel!

Photo four again shows the shaft in two pieces, having sheared like a tootsie roll. The keyway (barely visible in this photo) was stretching open radially clockwise, and so the key fell out easily when the split coupler was removed. The bore holes for the set screws of the shaft collar were also elongated axially.

Finally, photo five shows shaft sheared into two pieces. Interestingly, the shaft appears almost as though it were actually a rod within a tube, though I believe it to be a single piece of bar stock.

I hope this helps.


Hydra-Jet Sheared Soft Steel Swivel Quill Hydra-Jet Sheared Soft Steel Quill Side veiw Hydra-Jet Broken Substandard Swivel Hydra-Jet Broken Substandard Swivel Breakdown

As you can see the Hydra-Jett FAKE tool joints are made of soft china steel that pits only after one 40ft well. Also these connections are not heat treated. without heat treat (9116 process) threads fail and are as soft as wax. Also thread type are not a oil field tapered API thread, so drill pipe can unscrew easy and fall in bore hole. Read ebay feedback, several people say how on first hole they lost pipe and bits in hole. This is why. Say no To toy Rigs and TOY FAKE TOOL JOINT PIPE. Also in picture notice the already broken china swivel bearing housing.

Yet another Hydra-Jett Rig being refurbished after a catastrophic failure

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